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Application for Legal Change of Name

30 SEPTEMBRE 2022 by fpfadmin

You can submit the form required for a name change to the Pro estate and family court of the county where you live. People change their name for various reasons. By far, the most common reason why people change their name (surname) is due to marriage or divorce. Other reasons include: The name change process is not difficult, but it requires a tedious effort. There are many steps that can sometimes be slow and are necessary to change your name successfully. It`s easy to change your name in social environments, all you have to do is introduce yourself with the desired name. It`s changing all your documents that is the hardest part, including your ID card, social security card, birth certificate, and credit cards. Below are the steps you need to follow to change your name. Ask for a certified copy of your original marriage certificate. It`s paid, but it`s a must if you want to change your name on sensitive documents like ID cards and bank cards. If the name change is authorized, the court issues a name change decree, and a certificate can be requested for a fee. For more information about how to obtain a copy of the certificate, see Get a copy of a probate and family court journal. If you receive a legal name change in court, the name in your birth certificate will not be automatically changed.

This process can only be done through the Changes Unit of the Vital Statistics Office. You must submit a completed and signed request for correction, a fee of $50.00 in the form of a personal check or money order payable to the State of Michigan in U.S. funds, a copy of your valid photo ID, and a copy of the court order for documentation. The $50.00 fee includes a certified copy of the file with the changes made. Additional copies cost $16.00 each when ordered at the same time. In the context of divorce or custody proceedings. If a divorce or custody action is pending, the change of name of a minor child may be part of the divorce or custody proceedings. Include your request for a change of name in your application (if you are the petitioner) or your response (if you are the respondent), and the court may include the change in the final judgment. See Iowa Code Section 598.37.

If you submit a request for a name change, you must publish a notice of your application. A notice must be received at least once a week for 4 weeks in a newspaper specified by the court. You must submit a notice form and file the payment with the Supreme Court for the notice to appear in the publication. Keep a copy of the publisher`s affidavit as proof of the publication of your notice. A very common thing that most states require is the requirement to publish in your local newspaper the new name change. It`s always a good idea to call your local newspaper and inquire about the cost of publishing. Make sure you have enough money to cover legal costs and the cost of publishing newspapers. If necessary, your report will provide you with the correct document to use in your journal publication. You will also need a copy of your name change request. Once it is printed in the newspaper, keep it for your future hearing date. If you applied for a name change when applying for your marriage license to accept your spouse`s name, your marriage certificate from your county probate court is your legal name change document. You do not have to apply to the Superior Court for a new name change.

In Iowa, there are procedures for legally changing a name for an adult or for a child. The forms are available free of charge on this website. There are three situations where you don`t have to file a complaint in court and pay a fee just to change your name: For educational purposes, this guide takes you from the first step (engagement 💍) to changing your name after marriage. If you are the legal guardian of a minor under the age of 18, it is possible to change their name. It is illegal to impersonate another person with the intention of changing their name. The answer to this question is: No, you cannot change the name of another adult. Adult name change – For any adult for a name change after marriage, after divorce or for any other reason. If the court grants a name change, the court clerk will provide you with a certified copy of the name change order, and the court clerk will also send a summary of the order to file with the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services that requires the name change on the birth certificate.