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30 SEPTEMBRE 2022 by fpfadmin

Contact a lawyer to give us a deeper understanding of your legal affairs and let us decide if we can help you. Mark is not only my lawyer, he has become a good friend. He helped me navigate my band`s contracts, listen to the band members to make everyone feel heard, and find a solution that works for everyone. Not only that, he came to many of our shows and supported us. And when we had our first album release party, he even showed up with a bottle of champagne. I always feel like Mark was there to seek legal advice with a compassionate ear, and I`m so grateful to have a lawyer like him in the San Francisco music community. Nurture talent with experienced legal advice for your career in the entertainment industry. Consult with our lawyers on contract negotiation, copyright and trademark protection, and navigating complex revenue and royalty streams. Groupe droit ARC accompanies you, on stage and behind the scenes. Mark is the best! He takes the time to really listen to the concerns, explain some of the specifics of the music industry and give strong individual advice. He is also a strong supporter of independent musicians. I recommend ARC Law Group for all your legal needs! Compelling marketing materials and planning to initiate conversations with your customers. We work directly with video game designers, app developers, retailers, and other technology-driven companies to protect intellectual property rights, licensed content, and the marketplace through engagement from talent and influencers.

If we can help you, we will work with you to determine the scope of our advisory and/or legal services and to create an attorney-client relationship. Inspire the imagination with practical legal advice and advice for entertainment industry projects. Consult our lawyers on setting up your business, protecting intellectual property rights and drafting contracts to protect and monetize projects. ARC Law Group is your production partner. Establish relationships with innovative legal advisors for companies closely related to art, media, music and talent. Consult our lawyers on business unit formation, content licensing, and marketing by artists and influencers. ARC Law Group is your connection to the world of entertainment. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. It starts with building trust through our flexible billing arrangements. We use hourly, commission and emergency arrangements depending on the issue and offer many of our transaction services on a flat-rate basis – so you know how much legal fees are in advance.

I have been working with Mark for 4 years and he is an excellent lawyer and team member in every way. I have worked with him on various aspects of entertainment and business projects, and he has always been extremely competent, thoughtful, responsive, creative and supportive. Alex is thoughtful and responsive – helps us manage our PR with emotional intelligence and good humor. He helps our management team manage their own interactions with the press and ensures that our written contributions remain relevant, nuanced and humane. I have always found Alex to be responsive, his advice and service delivery to be of the highest quality, and his employee skills to be excellent. ARC Law Group`s business and intellectual property lawyers use their entrepreneurship credentials to advise creative media, design and technology companies on business creation, transactional matters and the integration of entertainment content and personalities. Deep understanding of the company and customers, clarity of thought and expression, first-hand experience in building a brand and reputation, and excellent interpersonal skills. The most talented comic book professional I`ve ever worked with. Creatives who engage with talents to produce works in music, film, television, media and art. From public relations and internal communication to presentations and online content, I help law firms get their message across effectively and meaningfully. ARC Law Group`s entertainment lawyers leverage their experience as producers, media personalities, and content creators to advise Grammy-nominated musicians ®, Emmy-winning ® television personalities, and Oscar-nominated filmmakers ®.

We consult directly with our clients and provide practical career advice and guidance to record labels, actors, media personalities, reality TV stars, social media influencers, circus artists and a variety of talented photographers, writers and visual artists. Very responsive, always available outside office hours when needed and can get acquainted with the most sensitive issues. His articulate understanding of the big picture and excellent writing skills allow him to add value. A first-class operator! Mark has been a great member of my team and is 100% important in what I do. It is rare to find someone who is so skillful and generous with their time and energy. Yes. The lawyers at ARC Law Group are happy to talk about issues related to the entertainment industry. Do not hesitate to use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact us. We are entertainment lawyers with extensive practical experience in the fields of music, film, television, media and the arts. Entrepreneurs who use the services of talents and creators in the fields of music, film, television, media and art. Arrange an initial consultation with counsel from the ARC Law Group. Transparent BD support to generate business from your existing and target customers.

Words. They mean a lot. It sounds simple, but they are important for telling your company`s story. Mark A. Pearson and ARC Law Group went above and beyond their duty to represent my interests in the entertainment industry. He is always available to me and we continue to work on several projects to place my songs on TELEVISION and film. Their work is impeccable and meticulous. I highly recommend ARC Law Group! Contact us to learn more about the services I offer. We hired Alex to join our bidding team at a particularly busy time. He quickly became familiar with our systems, developed strong relationships with our partners, and provided excellent customer service. Best professional in connecting with people and getting the profile needed for the company. Good team spirit.