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Municipal Home Rule Law 20

23 NOVEMBRE 2022 by fpfadmin

(4) A proposal for a local law may be presented only by a member of the legislative body at a meeting of that body or if the rules of procedure adopted by the legislator provide otherwise. (3) Each of these local laws covers only one subject.  The title briefly refers to the object.  For the purposes of this chapter, a local law relating to the codification or recodification of ordinances or local laws in a municipal code applies to only one matter.  For the purposes of this Agreement, the codification or recodification includes any amendments, deletions, repeals, amendments or new provisions of the Municipal Code;  provided, however, that the announcement of a public consultation required by this section briefly describes the codification or recodification. § 23 Local laws subject to a mandatory referendum. 1. A local law subject to a mandatory referendum under this section or any other state law shall be submitted to the electors for approval at a general election of state or local government officials of that local government held at least sixty days after its adoption, unless such local law provides that it shall be submitted to the electors for approval at a special election, or unless, within thirty days after the enactment of such local law, a petition which shall be signed, certified and certified by the clerk of the tribunal, as provided for other petitions in section twenty-four of this chapter, shall be submitted to such clerk of the tribunal to request its presentation at a special election. If the local law so provides, or if a valid petition is filed requesting the presentation of the local law at a special election, it must be submitted to that special election held in that local government at least sixty days after the local law is passed, at which time the special election is determined by the legislative body. In either case, such a local law shall not enter into force unless it is passed at such an election by the consent of the majority of the eligible voters of that local authority who vote on the proposal.

2. The style of local law is « if enacted by the (designation of legislative body) of (designation of local government) as follows: » a. In the case of a city offers a new charter for that city. b. In the case of a city or village, the composition or composition of the legislative body changes, increases or decreases the number of votes a member may cast. d. Alters the right of succession to the office of chief administrative officer of a county elected at the county level or, if there is none, to the chair of the board of directors, the mayor of a city or village or the supervisor of a city. h.

In the case of a city, the boundaries of the districts or other districts from which the members of the district board of supervisors elected as such in that city to represent the city are elected. e. Abolished an election office or changed the method of appointment, election or removal of an election officer, changed the term of office of an election office or reduced the salary of an election officer during his or her term. For the purposes of this Subdivision, a local bill is deemed to be on the Members` desk or table if: it is presented electronically in a readable electronic format and can be viewed in that format on Members` desks.  For the purposes of this Section, `electronic means` means any method of transmitting information between computers or other machines intended to send and receive such transmissions and enabling the recipient to reproduce the information transmitted on a medium of physical expression;  and does not allow additions, deletions or other changes without leaving an adequate record. k. In the case of a city, a legal provision relating to the composition or term of office of the city`s Public Service Commission changes. f. Creates, delegates or restricts the powers of an elected official. j. In the case of a city, the salary or remuneration of a municipal officer or employee shall be reduced, increase his hours of work or modify his conditions of employment if such wage, remuneration, hours or conditions have been determined by a law of the State and approved by the vote of the qualified electors of the city. No provision for such reductions, increases or modifications in any local law or draft new charter shall come into force unless the final question relating to such reductions, increases or modifications is presented separately from the provisions not relating to such reductions, increases or amendments, and with the consent of a majority of the persons entitled to vote, Those who vote on it, approved.

(2) Unless otherwise provided by a state law or a state law, a local law shall be subject to a mandatory referendum if it, (5) In the case of a local government that does not have an elected chief executive within the meaning of subsection four of section two of this chapter, the legislature shall not enact local law until a public hearing has been held before that body and has been published in another jurisdiction. local: which does not contain such a local law must be approved by the elected Chief Administrative Officer until a public hearing has been held before him.  such public hearing before the Co-legislator or the Chief Executive Officer under this Subdivision must be conducted within a public notice period of at least three days, required or may be required in the future by local law, during which a hearing under this section was held with five days` notice; or In the event that this local law, which prescribes the notice period, is not adopted, with a notice period of five days.  If the public hearing is held before such official, such notification shall be made by him within ten days of the presentation of the local legislation and the hearing within twenty days of such presentation. (1) A local law may be passed only by a majority of at least the votes cast of all the voting rights of the legislative body.  When a local law is passed last, the question is answered yes and no, and the names of Members present and their votes are recorded in the minutes, minutes or minutes of proceedings. i. Amendment of the legislation on not-for-profit franchises. c. Modifies the veto power of the elected Director General.