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O Que Significa Base Legal Cref

25 NOVEMBRE 2022 by fpfadmin

It depends on whether you completed your physical education before 2002, certainly your studies are legally based on resolution 03/87, which allows you to work in the school sector (teaching in the early years, primary and high school) and extracurricular (clubs, hospitals, academies, etc.); The legal basis is the document provided by the course secretariat, which informs about the qualification of the professional in the different fields of activity. a) name of the graduate;b) identity and CPF number;c) date of approval and recognition of the course;d) legal basis of the respective sports course, i.e. number of the exarada decision of the National Board of Education;e) date of entry of the graduate into the course;f) date of examination of the diploma obtained. It is important to note that all asset freezes and executions described here are carried out by the judiciary, with the only state authority having a legal assignment to reach the debtor`s assets. The exercise of a profession without the conditions permitted by law is a criminal offence of illegal exercise of the profession referred to in Article 47 of Decree-Law 3688/41 (Criminal Offences Act). In addition, the fake physical education teacher who illegally (acting as a physical education teacher without being one) obtains an undue financial advantage from his client/student and may even be denounced by Estelonato. Cref12/PE is legally authorised to supervise physical education teachers in all establishments where physical activity is taught, be they academies, schools, clubs, hospitals, etc. However, only establishments whose activity is a physical activity are legally required to register with the Council. On our website you will find a general text on the curricular bases in physical education. The internship as an act of supervised school education should be effectively supervised by the adviser of the educational institution and the superior of the party granting it, as evidenced by the endorsements in the reports referred to in point IV of Article 7 of this Law and mentioning the final approval.

(Law 11788/2008). Remember that trainees cannot act without the presence of the supervisor (registered in CREF12/PE), and his identification must be visibly highlighted to avoid an interpretation of professional performance and in this case, because he is not qualified, an illegal professional practice. 3) Control: professional organisations must combat the illegal exercise of the profession and therefore monitor all bodies where irregularities are suspected. The Act regulates the profession and stipulates that only registered persons may practise the profession of physical education teacher. In order for THE ENDORSEMENTS to fulfil their legal obligations, they need a regional structure (registration, telephones, vehicles, personnel, equipment, etc.) that incurs costs. These are financed by the payment of pensions. The registration and payment of your CREF therefore contributes, in addition to a legal obligation, to the structuring of an institution that registers, manages, supervises, organizes and therefore strengthens the profession. Legal aid for this collection is provided for in Article 2 of Law No. 11.000/04. `The supervisory committees of the regulated professions shall have the power to establish, collect and execute the annual contributions due by natural or legal persons, as well as the fines and prices for services related to their statutory allowances, which constitute revenue for each Council.` Green stone. The color green is attributed to health courses and signifies hope, strength, longevity and immortality.

Demonstrates adaptation to the environment and ability to connect. Also known as the color of knowledge. Legal entities and sports educators working in Pernambuco must register with CREF12/PE in accordance with the instructions on the www.cref12.org.br website (Professional Register |). Company). In it, the interested party receives the application for registration, the necessary documents and the ticket for the payment of the CONFEF tax. The ananity value is also available. Registration can be done in person or by mail. Important: In case of doubt, contact with CREF12/PE is indicated. Note: The Bachelor of Physical Education course has been a pioneer in Brazil since 1987 by choosing a more flexible curriculum without this list of traditional disciplines.

Until the entry into force of the new national guidelines for physical education programmes in 2002, our legal basis was RESOLUTION No. 03/KSE OF 16 JUNE 1987 – which specified the minimum content and duration to be observed in undergraduate bachelor`s and/or full bachelor`s degree programmes. Trade unions (created by the trade union register/charter) are the result of the association of workers of a certain category in search of better working conditions. The tasks of trade unions are: coordination, defence and legal representation of the occupational group in the public and private sectors as well as before the authorities and authorities; the management, conciliation and monitoring of professional relations between the profession and employers (contractors), as well as compliance with community land trusts, workplace safety standards and standards, functional performance standards, wage floors, agreements and collective agreements in the occupational category; maintain professional and legal assistance services for members; enter into agreements to provide leisure, education, health, consumption, etc. to its affiliates/partners; to bring the employee or member of the profession before the courts in order to defend any right relating to his position, function or conditions of employment. The professional card (CIP) issued by the CREF is required in accordance with Federal Law No. 6.206 of 5.7.1975 valid throughout the national territory. Because of their legal importance, the councils have the utmost care and rigor in the preparation and publication, including the second itineraries.

Therefore, it is clear that the salary floor, for example, is not the task of the councils, nor is the conduct of courses, training, etc. Nor is it the role of the CREFs to standardize the personal interest rate. In short, councils have the power of the police to defend society, fight against the illegal practice of the profession and ensure compliance with the code of professional ethics. Only the physical education teacher is registered with the CREF. The condition for the exercise of the sports profession, regardless of the field of activity (school, gymnasium, hospital, sport, etc.), is regularity at the Regional Council of Physical Education (CREF). For example, it is not enough to be an ex-athlete or have a degree in physical education. It is important to be regular with the CREF. Therefore, it is important to have academic training in regular colleges (higher education institution) with the MEC and, of course, enrollment in the Council. Those who work in physical education without regularly working with the CREF are criminally liable for the illegal exercise of the profession (Article 47 of the Code of Criminal Offences), misleading advertising (Article 67 of Law No 8.078/90) and an offence against relations with consumers under Article 7, VII, of Law No 8137/90, for misleading the consumer or user. by offering physical education services without complying with legal formalities We hope your question has been answered. If further clarification is required, please contact us using this form.

Practice your profession legally! CONFEF/CREFs – DEFENSE OF SOCIETY – APPRECIATION OF THE PROFESSION. • When applying for registration, the professional is prevented from practising the profession, under penalty of liability for illegal practice of the profession (Article 47 of the Offences Act); With the inspection form, the institution must provide proof of the regularization of the infringements mentioned in the inspection conditions/infringement report. They must be sent within the defense period, the institution checking compliance with the deadline (all documents must be signed by the legal representative and the technical manager of the institution).